San Diego State Adds A Transfer Big

San Diego State had been sitting on two scholarships, looking for a big man to add to a front-court that was lacking some size. The Aztecs are now down to one scholarship after addressing their biggest need and adding 6-10 graduate transfer Joshua Tomaic.

Tomaic is transferring to the Mesa from straight across the country, Maryland, after four years with the Terrapins. Seldom used at Maryland, Tomaic is coming across the nation in order to find a spot where he can flourish, similar to the way that Yanni Wetzell did last year.

Speaking of Wetzell, Tomaic shares a lot of qualities with the former Aztecs big man. Beyond both being 6-10, they also both played tennis in high school and did not get a lot of opportunity at their former stop. A story that Tomaic hopes repeats itself this year.

Tomaic is originally from Spain's Canary Island, which makes him the first person from there to play in Division I basketball. A reserve throughout his career at Maryland, he averaged no more than 2.2 points and 1.8 rebounds at any part of his career, both career highs from his freshman year.

With very little film on him, I am going to depend on how Mark Ziegler of the San Diego Union Tribune recently described Tomaic:

"[Tomaic] ... can dribble between his legs on the break, has 3-point range, shoots an old-school hook, is a certifiable gym rat..."

It sounds like the San Diego State coaching staff is hoping they uncovered the next Wetzell. At worst he will add some depth behind Nathan Mensah, however it is possible that he could step up and take charge of that spot the Wetzell left behind.

Now the Aztecs are down to one scholarship left. They are probably still looking for a big, likely one in the high school ranks and have offers our to Eduardo Andre and Frank Anselem. Adding some young depth to the front court would be ideal for the Aztecs.

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