Future Aztecs Families React To The Hot Start

San Diego State is off to its hottest start in a decade and it has been something that has excited and invigorated the fan base. My Twitter feed goes nuts after each Aztecs accomplishment and that got me thinking, what does the 2020 recruiting class and their families think?

When these kids signed with San Diego State, not many, if anyone, thought the team would reach the heights that they have this season. The players and their families all believed in the program and what it was about, even before the success. They each had offers from schools in bigger conferences, but in the end chose San Diego State and will now be heading to a top 25 program next year.

I have caught all three players following the Aztecs games throughout the season. Lamont Butler Jr. and Keith Dinwiddie have both come down to catch Aztec games in person. Both, as well as fellow signee Che Evans Jr. have posted on Instagram that they are watching the games and celebrating the wins. On top of that I have spoken with Evans’s godfather, Dwayne Wise, and he has mentioned that although Evans is in Philadelphia, he, Evans, and Evans’s father all teleconference to watch the games. So the support for the team is real from the recruits, not that there was any doubt.

I reached out to the recruits and their family members with a pair of questions in order to hear their reaction to the Aztecs hot start. Here is what they had to say:

Q: What are your thoughts/feelings on the Aztecs success this year?

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about San Diego State’s success. I love going to the games with Lamont and watching how well they play together. We are in the top 10 and should move up again this week.” –Lamont Butler Sr., Lamont Butler Jr.’s dad

“I mean it’s just amazing to see the school that I will be at for the next 4 years doing this great and it sets the tone for how it will be next year. They’re doing things that they have never done and I think they will achieve a lot more than what they already have.” –Keith Dinwiddie, Aztecs signee

“We are so ecstatic about San Diego State. Che Jr, myself and his dad conference call and watch each game together. We make it a point to catch the games. The emphasis is watching Coach Dutch’s body language with his team while up or in a dog fight. I always tell Che to watch how the head coach interacts with team. We noticed he is calm, but effective at communicating.” –Dwayne Wise, Che Evans’s godfather

“I’m greatly satisfied on how well the Aztecs have been playing. It just shows the winning culture of the basketball team. Also, It gives me great pride to say I will be competing with this program next year to try and accomplish even better goals.” –Lamont Butler Jr., Aztecs signee

“We are playing just as I thought we would. I expected a really hot start so I am not surprised. Coach Dutch is all about winning and the players follow, as they should. “ –Che Evans Jr., Aztecs signee

Q: What do you think you can bring next year to keep the program as a top 25 team?

“What I think I can bring to the team next year is my shooting for one, but as well as my energy because coming in to the season they are going to expect to move forward, not backwards. I have to mature as a player and a person and get ready for the challenge, and try to help lead them to another historic season.” –Keith Dinwiddie, Aztecs signee

“In terms of Che, he knows if you can defend and rebound you will play a lot as a freshmen because your scoring will take care of itself. He is preparing for a role to impact at either 6 to 7th man or asked to start. He sees himself as a starter by sophomore year but he is coming to push the starter. I tell Che if Flynn returns it’s a bonus being he is a quarterback on the floor. The shots they get are in rhythm and that’s due to the awareness of Flynn.” –Dwayne Wise, Che Evans’s godfather

“I think Lamont’s unselfishness is going to allow a lot of guys to build confidence when they play. Lamont is a team first guy and is willing to put down personal accolades to see his teammates achieve their goals. A program that has a point guard like that leading their team can’t help but be successful. I am blessed to call him my son.” –Lamont Butler Sr., Lamont Butler Jr.’s dad

“I can bring a lot to the table in order for us to win. I can score really well, but more importantly defend.” –Che Evans Jr., Aztecs signee

“Next year, I will bring intensity on defense, great IQ, and a winning mindset to keep the program moving towards a top 25 ranking.” -Lamont Butler Jr., Aztecs signee

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