2023 Prospect Get San Diego State Offer

Updated: Jan 20

San Diego State rarely offers players past one recruiting cycle ahead. It is understandable because you are never sure how guys that young are going to develop and how they will do against their peers after they have developed. Players that dominate their freshman peers could do so because they developed faster than their peers. Even with sophomores it is a difficult call until late in their second year of high school. As of yesterday the Aztecs only had one offer out to a high school freshman, Mikey Williams, who appears to be a top five recruit and is a San Diego native with ties to the San Diego State program.

As of last night the Aztecs have two active offers to prospects in the 2023 class as the staff sent out an offer to Kwame Evans Jr. Evans Jr. is a 6-8 freshman at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Oh, and also, he is cousins with 2020 Aztecs signee Che Evans Jr.

We had heard an offer was imminent and because of Che Evans Jr. we knew to keep an eye out for him. Kwame Evans Jr. is an intriguing prospect. As a 6-8 freshman there is an expectation that he will grow to at least 6-10, but what makes him intriguing is his shooting touch. From the film I have watched you see the ability to get his shot off in a variety of ways. He can get it off the dribble or off the pass. As a member of the Evans family we reached out to Dwayne Wise, Che Evan’s godfather and the recruiting coordinator for Team Durant, to find out more about Kwame Evans Jr.

“Kwame’s basketball IQ is off the charts. He defends, rebounds, hits the open man, and doesn't miss. He is a lefty that can score with his right hand. There is no weakness in either hand. You can’t force him into a bad shot. And he doesn't turn the ball over.”

As you can see from the picture Kwame Evans Jr. is tall, but has a slight build. Remembering that he is only in 9th grade, he has plenty of time to add some muscle to his frame. Beside adding muscle, he will likely need to develop a post game as most of the videos I have seen are him playing from the outside. Having Che Evans Jr. and Wise there to push him is an amazing benefit that many other players do not have.

“I have Che bully him so that he can get stronger.”

Kwame Evans Jr. also is an ideal teammate. He currently starts for his Baltimore Poly team along four seniors, which means he does not always get the ball. But one thing you can be assured of is he does not complain or pout about not getting looked off by the upperclassmen.

Currently he has offers from Auburn, DePaul, George Washington (where his dad played), and Virginia Tech to go along with the Aztecs. Even though he is in Baltimore, Kwame Evans has ties to the Aztecs. The obvious one is through his cousin Che Evans who is coming to the Mesa next season. The other is that his dad, Kwame Evans Sr. played at George Washington against Coach Brian Dutcher and the Fab Five as a freshman, an experience he still remembers.

There is a long time before Kwame Evans Jr. heads to college, but obviously the Aztecs are getting in on him early. He is going to be a top recruit if he continues his trajectory, and if Che Evans is any indication then I expect him to be a top player.

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